Automotive Infotainment

Automotive Infotainment is a term that covers an ever increasing class of automotive applications. From traditional AM/FM tuners and CD players to voice recognition, navigation, phone control, and reception of digital content via satellite (SDARS) or terrestrial (DAB, DVB-T/H) broadcasts.

Mecel Betula Bluetooth Solution in vehicle

As Automotive Infotainment applications are influenced by rapidly changing trends in the consumer electronics market, most manufacturers are today considering or using solutions that allow the user to interface portable (nomadic) devices to the vehicle to overcome the product life-cycle discrepancies. The next step is that Automotive infotainment become more integrated to Internet services and users will be able to select new applications for their infotainment system from a variety of sources, including "App Stores" currently targeted at mobile phones.

Mecel has developed numerous Automotive Infotainment applications for series production programs, but also advanced demonstrators for evaluating new technology and application concepts. We can provide customers with complete applications, or help them establish the basic software platform necessary, including communication interfaces to CAN, MOST, USB, and Bluetooth. As one of the pioneering companies in developing "Car PC" solutions, we have the domain knowledge to help our customers regardless of operating environment. We are actively engaged in the development of GENIVI and work closely with our customers to bring this and other Open Source-based platforms into the Automotive Infotainment area. 

We can offer our own software suites for HMI and Bluetooth development as time and effort-saving enablers to our customers, both for Linux-based platforms and other embedded RTOS-based systems like QNX. Both these products are designed to enable more extensive use of user-selected services and will allow new off-board content to integrate seamlessly with the in-vehicle system. 

Our advanced HMI concept (Mecel Populus) is designed to handle the complexity of an automotive infotainment system while providing optimum flexibility for adding new features. Mecel Populus lends itself extremely well to distributed architectures and can play a key role in addressing driver distraction concerns in feature rich, distributed infotainments systems.  

Our Mecel Betula Suite is a very well proven Bluetooth solution that takes a big part of the burden off the infotainment system designer by providing a complete and robust functionality framework that provides all the connectivity features expected in a state-of-the-art vehicle. Anyone with experience from introducing Bluetooth functionality to the market will also surely appreciate the Interoperability service that we can provide together with our Betula SDK.


Populus HMI Editor Live

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